JCSD1 Gets Good News On Health Insurance Claims …

A their last meeting the Johnson County School District One Board of Trustees got some good news about their health insurance costs due to fewer claims and a possible continuation of a savings in premiums.

District Business Manager Matt Ramey told the board that the district has kept a close eye on health insurance costs over the last few years in particular, due to the district getting hit with some substantial increases in healthcare insurance premiums due to heavy claims those years.

This year so far looks good, he said, with the district 20 to 25% ahead on claims versus premiums or $300,000 to the good.

He explains further.

Board Chair Rich Hall explained that three or fours years ago the board had to pay a lump sum of roughly $147,000 into that fund to keep coverage for the district because just the opposite happened and the insurance company paid out more in claims than the district had paid in.

With nearly $300,000 to the good, Ramey said he is expecting to see some good insurance premium quotes from the insurance provider this year when it is time to renew.

Source: http://www.sheridanmedia.com/news/jcsd1-gets-good-news-health-insurance-claims62322

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